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Our Most Popular Services

Full Groom

Full Grooms include a bath, gentle hand blow dry, ear tweezing/cleaning, nail clipping and buffing, teeth brushing, anal gland expression (upon request), haircut of your choice (includes sanitation trim and shaving of paw pads), full inspection of skin/coat/ear canals, and bow or bandana. 





Bath Works

Bath works includes a bath, gentle hand blow dry, ear cleaning, nail clipping and buffing, teeth brushing, anal gland expression (upon request), full inspection of skin/coat/ear canals, and bow or bandana.


Bath / De-shed Combo

This service if for Double Coated breeds such as Labradors, Shepards, Pomeranians, etc.  This service includes all that's in our Bath Works package. It will also include a three step De-shedding treatment with our top-of-the-line tools and special DE shedding shampoo. This package not only ensures less loose hair floating through your home, but also makes sure your fur babies coat is healthy and breathable. 


Puppy Trim                                            Call for pricing

This service is an introductory full groom session

for your new fur baby. We suggest that you start

your fur babies grooming routine at 10-12 weeks

of age so they can get used to all of the sensations 

of being groomed early in life. This service includes 

as much of the Full Groom Process as possible 

without traumatizing your new fur baby. Results will

 vary depending on temperament and tolerance levels. 

A la Cart Services

All of our A- La Cart services are ONLY offered to those within 2 miles of Downton Chattanooga TN, To your neighbors, or your other fur babies on the same day as your Appointment. 



Nail Trim

Includes an, at your door Standard nail trimming service. 



Nail Buffing

Includes a standard nail trimming followed by a buffing with our Dremel tool. This service is perfect for those wanting to limit nail scratching on their skin or hard wood floors. 




Anal Gland Expression

Includes an external anal gland expression with a certified groomer. This service is ideal for dogs who have been seen scootching their behinds on floors/furniture, leaking a fishy odor out of their anus, and for those who vet has recommended this procedure. we advise your dog's anal glands be expressed every 4-8 weeks. 



Ear Cleaning                                                               $20

Includes Basic Ear Cleaning with our gentle 

PH balanced ear wash. Great for those whose

 dogs are shaking their head and/or itching 

their ears more than normal. *Early detection 

of possible mites or infection is key to pet health 

and hygiene*

Ear Tweezing AND Cleaning                              $25-40


Great for dogs that grow excess hair in their Ear Canal. 

Example: Poodles, Shih Tzu's, Bishon's and Yorkie's.  A Certified 

Pet Hygienist will Tweeze any excess hair out your fur 

baby's ear. This will release pressure and allow 

us to clean up any and fluid or bacteria that may be present. 

*Early detection of possible mites or infection is key to pet 

health and hygiene*

Teeth Brushing                                                   $20-25

SAVE $5 WITH OUR ECO-FRIENDLY SERVICE. JUST KEEP YOUR FUR BABIES TOOTHBRUSH CLEAN AND STORED AWAY TO SAVE $5 EVERYTIME WE COME BACK. Much like you brushing your teeth this minimally invasive procedure acts as a preventative to possible gum and teeth issues in the future. One of our certified Pet Hygienist will scrub away any debris that may be trapped in between your dog's teeth such as toy fabric, food and bone matter. We recommend you brush your dog's teeth every 2-4 weeks. 

What our customers are saying

  • I can't say enough about my experience at Barking Bubbles. Ashley was able to fit Lily, labradoodle puppy, in with very short notice. The groom and total experience was outstanding. Thank you so much for all you do! I will certainly be back and recommend Barking Bubbles highly! Wish I could give more than 5 stars!!!!

M.C Google Review

  • I have been looking for a groomer for my Labradoodle since moving here a year ago. After several fails, I tried Barking Bubbles. I am so happy I did. My doodle not only looks great but I could tell he was handled with care. Thank you!

S.A. Google Review

  • Ashley @ Barking Bubbles is a wonderful entrepreneur and true lover of all things canine. Kind, patient, caring, generous and always smiling. Our dogs and Murphy, NC will miss you. Wishing you luck in your new endeavor.

M.A. Google Review

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